Protection Royale

Protection Royale is:

  • An insurance program offered at no additional cost by your participating Royal LePage broker.
  • Repair of latent defects and reimbursement of unexpected costs related to delays or withdrawals as well as special assessments for co-ownerships.
  • Handling of legal procedures1 related to the discovery of latent defects.
  • A free legal assistance service2 to obtain legal advice regarding your real estate transaction.
  • A sense of security and peace of mind when buying or selling your property.
  • The most complete residential real estate protection program in the industry.

Latent defects

This coverage provides repairs related to a latent defect. Maximum limit of $15,000 for a seller and $5,000 for a buyer.

What is a latent defect? A latent defect is a defect that could not have been discovered by a property inspector on or before the closing date and was unknown to the parties, which renders the property unfit for its intended purposes. The defect must be sufficiently serious, to the point that if the buyer had been informed, he would not have purchased the property or would have paid less.3

Delays and withdrawals

This protection covers additional expenses caused by delays beyond the client’s control in the conclusion of the transaction, or by the seller’s or buyer’s withdrawal, up to a maximum of $15,000.

Special assessments for co-ownership

This protection covers special assessments declared by the co-ownership board before the closing date of the transaction, up to a maximum of $15,000.

Protection Royale and Neolegal are joining forces to offer you more!

Legal assistance

Protection Royale, in partnership with Neolegal, gives you access to a free legal assistance service2. Whether you are dealing with a dispute with your neighbour or have questions about latent defects, this service informs you of your rights so that you may take appropriate action.

As an added bonus, you no longer need to leave your home, thanks to a fully online service solution.

Legal services offered by Neolegal may include1 :

  • Legal support and assistance;
  • Drafting of notices of denunciation and formal notices;
  • Out-of-court negotiation;
  • Preparation for plea in Quebec small claims court.

About Neolegal, law firm:

Neolegal is the first online legal platform operating anywhere in Quebec. Since 2017, Neolegal has been providing legal services quickly and easily through the use of technology.

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For questions about Protection Royale, contact:

Octave Assurances Inc.
6000, boul. De Rome, bureau 430
Brossard (Québec) J4Y 0B6
Tél.: 1 (877) 882-7896
Téléc.: (450) 656-7778
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The insurance policy is not available to all buyers and sellers and certain property types are not eligible. Contact a participating Royal LePage broker to verify if you are eligible for the program.
*A deductible of $1,500 applies for coverage A and a deductible of $250 applies for coverages B and C of the insurance policy. The information contained in this brochure is only an overview of the coverage offered. For the exact conditions, definitions, limitations, exclusions and warranty extensions, please refer to the general conditions of the insurance policy.
[1] Legal proceedings that are part of the services offered by Neolegal, excluding representation in court. Services offered upon fulfillment of the conditions on an offer to purchase, and within 365 days of the notarial deed being signed.
[2] Legal assistance service by phone available to clients of participating Royal LePage brokers effective upon the fulfillment of the conditions on an offer to purchase, and within 365 days of the notarial deed being signed.
[3] Hidden defects are defined in the insurance policy. For repairs that are part of the building envelope.
Protection Royale is underwritten by Sovereign, General Insurance Company, and Octave Assurances Inc. is the program broker of record. Protection Royale is being marketed under an agreement between Octave Assurances Inc. and Royal LePage Real Estate Services, a division of Bridgemarq Real Estate Services Manager Limited. The Royal LePage name and trademark are used by Octave Assurances Inc. under a license from Bridgemarq Real Estate Services Manager Limited. Protection Royale is not provided, issued or underwritten by Bridgemarq Real Estate Services Manager Limited, or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, franchisees, direct or indirect parent companies, or any of their employees or brokers, and the foregoing make no representations or warranties regarding Protection Royale.
The real estate broker is not an insurance agent/broker and is not authorized to answer specific questions, give advice or interpret the coverage and applicability of the program and/or insurance policy. For more information, please contact the Octave Assurances Inc. program administrator. The program is only available to residents of Quebec. To find your participating Royal LePage broker, visit

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